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Website Design

CF Consulting & Marketing provides custom website designs. Every design we do, we do completely custom meaning no templates and we build your entire website from scratch. Once your website is complete, we can either train your staff on website management if you want to keep it in-house or we can manage your website for you.

Onboarding & Website Design Process



Once we receive an inquiry about a custom website design, we will complete the following steps before moving on to building your website.


1. Schedule a meeting to discuss further and in greater detail what you are wanting for your website.

2. Gather all the information that is needed to complete the job.

3. Complete the onboarding paperwork. 

4. Complete the Plan of Action. 

Website Design


Once the onboarding paperwork and plan of action have been approved and completed, we will start your website design. 

Project Completion


Once we have completed your website design, we will complete the following steps to close out the current project.

1. Complete a review call.

2. Send your final invoice.

3. Discuss further opportunities.  

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