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Social Media Marketing

Here at CF Consulting & Marketing, we handle everything from content creation, help with content gathering, content management on all social media platforms, monthly analytics, page monitoring, and message responses, as well as keeping your profiles up-to-date. 

Social Media Profiles

Whether it is graphics, images, Instagram stories, guides, or reels we have you covered! We manage everything you need to keep your profiles functioning at maximum capacity and use the features available to capitalize on all your high-traffic opportunities. These features on your Instagram profile are carried throughout the rest of your social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and more.

Click on the image to see some of our work!

Instagram Stories

Did you know that stories bring in approximately 86% of your traffic? As the digital age of marketing evolves, so do the features on our social media platforms. It is our job to keep up with what your target audience is using to view and keep track of your products or services. Stories are at the top of that list!

Click on the image to see some of our work!

Instagram Highlight Covers

In order to maximize your Instagram stories, we create custom highlights within your Instagram profile. Stories are only up for 24 hours, however, we can continue to showcase the work or information within these stories for as long as you want or need by adding them to your highlights! In order to do this, we need to create highlight covers. 

Click on the image to see some of our work!

Facebook Covers

Don't forget about your Facebook page! Nothing says professionalism like a solid Facebook cover. This is the first image of your company and your branding that your customers, potential customers, and business partners see. This is your first impression digitally.  

Reels & Instagram Guides

When it comes to reels, we take all your video clips; edit, trim, adjust the coloring, add music, and more to create one or more reels! The lengths of reels depend on the platform they are posted on. We handle all of this! We can even be onsite to gather this footage to create the reels that are needed. 

Instagram guides are, in short, a mini version of a blog post or newsletter. These are created on Instagram from your past posts and saved onto your profile.

To view some of our work with reels and Instagram guides, check out some of our client's accounts:

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