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The Importance of Marketing

Let's talk marketing! There are some things that have become very clear to me this past year about your knowledge of business marketing . . . . the importance of marketing, what it does for your business, the expectations of your marketing company, and so on.⁠

Marketing makes up 80% of your business. If you are either not doing your marketing correctly, don't have consistent marketing, or don't even have marketing (every couple of months or a few things a week doesn't count), then you are missing a HUGE opportunity to grow and strengthen your company. This is where a marketing professional comes in. We do SO MUCH work besides posting pretty posts. There is a lot of creativity, analytics, research, gathering media, managing events, etc. the list goes on. This is why marketing is a full-time job and is expensive . . . but honestly, that's the cost of business and should be on the high-priority list. ⁠

Without marketing, you don't have a presence. No one knows who you are as a company, what you have to offer, and if you are a trustworthy business. ⁠

Just look at what media has done to our economy these last couple of years alone. Media is a powerful tool and as marketers, it's our job to use this tool to help grow your business (if done the right way).

The benefits of social media and other forms of marketing (again . . . if done correctly) include:⁠

Establish Brand Recognition

The primary and most important benefit of marketing is brand recognition. Marketing strategies help to imprint a brand in the minds of customers. This ensures that customers seek a particular brand of a product, rather than the brand seeking out its customers.⁠

Gain and Retain Customers

Identify Real Customers

Provide Information

Save Time⁠

Establish Trust⁠

Encourages Referrals⁠⁠

Address Issues⁠

Everyone wants short-term results from their marketing these days and that is just not the reality. Good, professional marketing with organic growth is how you establish long-term growth. This takes time, patience, and most importantly respect for your marketing team.

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